Our Team

Our Team

Mr. Victor NzarambaChief Executive Officer

Co-Founder and CEO. Holds an Electronic Engineering qualification coupled with various ICT Certifications. He brings a wealth of extensive knowledge and experience in the ICT Sector. He is a speaker, loves traveling, adventure, outdoor, cycling and swimming.

Ms Esther NzarambaHuman Resource Management

Co – Founder. Holds an honours Degree in Finance and Accounting. She is instrumental in the finance and human resources management success in Gadgets Namibia. She enjoys swimming, cycling and traveling.

Mr. Zombe SilungweOperational Manager

Operations manager, he holds a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration and a Degree IT with experience in business management. He likes reading, writing poems and fitness.

Mr. Iwanga IsraelChief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer, he holds a Masters' Degree in Software development. Highly experienced in ICT Sector with a keen interest in training. He enjoys outdoors and coding.

Mr. Marlito HusselmannTechnical Supervisor

Technical Supervisor. Holds varies certifications in IT. A specialist inCCTV, Networking and Access Control infrastructure. He loves listening to music, stays abreast of technology.

Mr. Ludi Vasko MingeliJunior Technician

Junior technician. Holds a Bachelors Honours Degree in Business Information Systems, he loves playing fifa, watching car shows, Software developent and reading books on his free time.

Mr. Agustinio LucianoJunior Technician

Junior technician. Holds a PC Engineering Diploma. He loves reading books and playing basketball.

Mr Alouise EisebSales Executive

Sales Executive. He is studying towards a bachelors of technology economics Degree. He loves to keep updated with anything tech-related, the newest innovations through hours of research and enjoys playing PC games.

Mr. Lazarus UusikuSoftware Developer

Software Developer. Holds bachelor Degree of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications. He loves Software development and is fascinated by the evoution of software development

Mr. Silas NamuloLogistic and Sales

Logistic and sales coordinator, Holding a logistic's degree with extensive experience in logistics and sales. He loves reading books, travelig and challenges.

Mr. Chalton PietersenResearch Development Marketing Coordinator

Research and development team leader. He is in his final year of his studies towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and statistics at Namibia University of Science and Technology. Loves playing tennis and coding.

Ms. Fabiola GarisesDirector of first Impression

Director of first impression. She is studying towards a Diploma in Accounting and Audting. You will always find her smiling and keeping the office in check, she enjoys watching vlogs on youtube.

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